There are many things I get involved with, outside the regular areas of my music. Things I do with Save the Children and Band Aid. The various radio shows I narrate for the BBC. The books, print and electronic, audio and photograph. The oddities I seem to have been part of over the years alongside oddities I hope to be part of in the future.

Here in the 'LIFE' area of this website I wanted to create a home for these 'orphans'. Somewhere for this odd collection to reside. I will update this area with information on everything I do which is not directly connected to just music, but all the other stuff that LIFE throws at you.

Keanan Duffty interview, San Francisco

This is an interview I did in San Francisco during the US tour in 2013. Keanan Duffty who is doing the interview used to work in a clothes shop in London where Ultravox used to buy stage clothes.

Eric Mesie & Midge Ure - Hey You

Eric Mesie and I at a Night of the Proms concert in Rotterdam in 2008, hopefully not murdering Pink Floyd's 'Hey You'. Great playing with the orchestra.

Robbie Coltrane & Midge Ure - The Bogie Man

Every musician wants to be an actor, just like every actor wants to be a musician. After appearing in The Bogie Man with Robbie Coltrane I decided to stick to my guitar. Luckily for the rest of us, Robbie went on to Hogwarts and not The Hard Rock!

Speaking at the TEDx Youth conference in Bath

TED is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan "ideas worth spreading". For anyone who has never seen or heard a TEDx talk I suggest finding some on YouTube. There are some fantastic words of wisdom out there. I was honoured to be asked to do one a couple of years ago.

Narrating The Mysterious Mr Mercury for Radio 4

One of my favourite programs that I have done for BBC Radio 4. The Mysterious Mr Mercury. What a sad loss for the world of music.

Motownship: Talking to Abavuki in South Africa

Me talking to Abavuki in the townships of Cape Town.

Heartland 1990

This seems like ancient history now, but some beautiful scenes shot on the Isle of Skye.

Narrating The Art of Water Music for Radio 4

This truly was a complete adventure for me. I love the fact that Radio 4 do programs on this stuff.

Save the Children - Free Healthcare for Africa

This speaks for itself, really.

Rocking the Blitz Club, for Radio 4

The Blitz revisited.