There are many things I get involved with, outside the regular areas of my music. Things I do with Save the Children and Band Aid. The various radio shows I narrate for the BBC. The books, print and electronic, audio and photograph. The oddities I seem to have been part of over the years alongside oddities I hope to be part of in the future.

Here in the 'LIFE' area of this website I wanted to create a home for these 'orphans'. Somewhere for this odd collection to reside. I will update this area with information on everything I do which is not directly connected to just music but all the other stuff that LIFE throws at you and an occasional 'blog'.


Midge's Blog

Dec 2015

Only a couple of days left of 2015 and I'm trying to recall everything I did in what is possibly the busiest year of live shows I have ever had.

In January I started a tour of the USA completely alone. The 'Fragile Troubadour' tour was created after I was asked to speak to music students at the Liverpool institute of Performing Arts and realising what I was talking about really didn't exist the same way anymore and that these young musicians would probably be facing very different challenges in their careers from the ones I was talking about.

I decided to document my journey in order to show everyone how musicians might have to tour in the future. This was done in two sections starting in Seattle down through California and across to Arizona and Texas finishing in Florida. The second part of the tour took place in March taking me from Halifax Nova Scotia, all round the East Coast of America finishing in Washington. A hard task but something I thought necessary.

Sadly we lost Visage front man Steve Strange in February. This was a sudden and shocking event which had us all reeling.

March saw the start of the 'Breathe Again' tour with Cole and Joseph, The India Electric Company. A tour which took us right up until November to complete and was so well received we have decided to continue working together next year on the 'Something from Everything' tour where we will play something from every album I have been associated with since 1978. Rich Kids, Visage, Ultravox and solo.

April took me back to Australia again which I was really pleased about. This time I did the solo acoustic show which was extremely well received I'm pleased to say. I also went to New Zealand for the first time in over 30 years. What a wonderful and diverse country that is. Looking forward to being asked back to both countries in the future.

May brought more UK Breathe Again shows as well as full electric band shows in Germany and Poland.

June, July and August was 'festival time' where I did the 'Lets Rock' 'Rewind' and both Chris Evans 'Carfest' North and South.

September, October and November was mainly 'Breathe Again' shows in the UK but also venturing into Denmark and Germany backing up the release of the 'Breathe Again' live double CD. The end of November had me playing Mexico City for the first time ever. Going to new countries to perform is always an exciting prospect and this one proved to be exactly that. Again, roll on the next visit!

A few shows in beautiful Italy and a stint as guest musician on a BBC television show with Rhod Gilbert seeking out the UK's best 'Part time band' in December rounded up an amazing year. A year full of wonderful highs. A year which saw 'Fragile' received with great enthusiasm.

2016 already has a lot in store starting with a tour of the UK alongside Big Country and Nick Hayward. A series of shows in Europe on the 'Rock meets Classic' tour featuring various artists, a rock band and a full orchestra. More summer festivals and another outing with the India Electric Company on the unique 'Something from Everything' tour.

Here's hoping that 2016 will bring you peace, happiness and a year filled with music.

Here's to more tolerant times ahead.

Thanks for keeping it real. Thanks for keeping it live.



Jan 2015

It's January 1st 2015 and I'm spending some rare, valuable time at home before kicking off this year's musical adventures.

Last year saw me share a stage with Alice Cooper and a full orchestra on the 'Rock meets Classic' tour across Europe. The release of my first new solo album in over a decade 'Fragile'. My inclusion on the International Blue project and the 'Lichtmond' album and blu ray. My performances with more orchestras in Berlin with Schiller and in Glasgow at the Ryder Cup Gala. The 'Retro Futura' tour of the USA and my first ever trip to Shetland. Dates in Scananavia and Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. A tour of Germany as well as a whole load of shows in the UK in between.

A year which found me with 'Fragile' cited as one of the top ten albums of the year by the U.S. Huffington Post and me overseeing another recording of Band Aid's 'Do they know it's Christmas'. All in all, a very busy but exciting year.

This year holds equally exciting prospects, kicking off with the 'Fragile Troubadour' tour of North America where I have given myself the task of traveling coast to coast, completely alone, playing material from the Fragile album as well as a few 'old classics' I will try and document all of this on my little 'GoPro' so prepare for soul searching and hours of ramblings from numerous hotel rooms, rental cars and dressing rooms.

2015 will also see me teaming up with a couple of multi-instrumental musicians who will help me celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Breathe album. We will be venturing out on a series of dates round the UK and maybe further afield on the 'Breathe again' tour which will take us through to the end of the year but still leave enough time for the odd trip overseas for both band and solo acoustic shows.

I hope this year brings a little less madness and a lot more compassion, a little less karaoke and a lot more real music.


17th June 2014

It's been a very busy last few weeks. Not only has the build up to the release of 'Fragile' started but the press and promo for the new single 'Become' has kicked in. I seem to be living huge chunks of my life on the phone at the moment talking about the music. Strange that I want to talk about the album and a large proportion of the interviewers want to talk about alcohol, Bob, Band Aid 30th anniversary plans etc etc etc. What a strange world we live in.

I had a great time on the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 last week. Even though he was under the weather he was on fine 'radio' form and mentioned the album release date many times. Thanks Chris. Also, 'Become' got it's first airing, not only did it sound great pumping out the radio but the response I got from that has been extremely encouraging. Lets hope it gets a few more plays before long.

On top of all this I performed 'Taking back my time' at the International Blue album launch at the wonderful Abbey Road Studios. The track is available as a free download for a few days from the Radio Times website:

Not long before the album release now. After a long time in the making it will be a form of relief when you finally hear it. Lets hope it lives up to your expectations.

Proper music is having a particularly difficult time surfacing at the moment so please, spread the word and help fight for what you believe in musically. Quality needs all the help it can get to be heard out there. Thanks for keeping it real.


27th May 2014

How time flies when you are trying to finish a new album! It's been six or seven weeks since I last posted anything up here, but what a busy time it's been. Scotland, Norway and Poland all visited and played. Fragile mixed. Mastering done by my old friend Robbie Bronniman at his far too neat 'Robot Studio'. Getting artwork ideas together and the long protracted business of working on it with an artwork company in a different country. We finally got there and I am very pleased with the result.

There is a micro site with 'taster' versions of the album so you can get a little sneak preview before it's released in July.....August for USA and Canada.

Look out here for all the info on press, TV and radio. The 'track to radio' or single as it used to be known is the electronic 'Become' Please spread the word if you can. A lot of heart and soul went into making this and I would love as many people as possible to hear it.

In true MU style you wait for years for new music and two singles come along at the same time! A track I have written with Dutch musician Stephen Emmer for his 'International Blue' project is to be released as a single. 'Taking back my time' harks back to the songwriting and singing style of the 60's crooners, Glen Campbell, Scott Walker etc. People who influenced the crooners of the 80's! This is a great album worthy of a space in anyone's collection.

I hope you enjoy 'Fragile' I am very pleased with this difficult to make record. Difficult to make but hopefully not to listen to.


12th April 2014

It's been over a month since I posted a blog here but not for the lack of trying! This is my third attempt doing this as the previous two disappeared into cyberspace and couldn't be recovered so here goes.

It's been a hectic month but a very fruitful one with the Rock meets Classic tour which took in 20 shows in Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria alongside writing and recording the finishing touches for my new solo album (1st original material album in over 10 years) and writing and recording a song for Stephen Emmer's critically acclaimed music project 'International Blue' all on my 'days off' during that month. Hectic to say the least!

Check out:

for all info on the above.

The rest of the year is proving to be as action packed with shows from Scotland to Sussex, Germany to Johannesburg, Copenhagen to Capetown, Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Again check this website for all updates.

Thanks for all the great feedback on the audiobook. Many of you loving hearing yours truly narrating.

See you out there.

San Francisco interview, January 2013

This is an interview I did in San Francisco during the US tour earlier this year. Keanan Duffty who is doing the interview used to work in a clothes shop in London where Ultravox used to buy stage clothes.

Eric Mesie & Midge Ure - Hey You

Eric Mesie and I at a Night of the Proms concert in Rotterdam in 2008, hopefully not murdering Pink Floyds 'Hey You'. Great playing with the orchestra.

Robbie Coltrane & Midge Ure - The Bogie Man

Every musician wants to be an actor, just like every actor wants to be a musician. After appearing in The Bogie Man with Robbie Coltrane I decided to stick to my guitar. Luckily for the rest of us, Robbie went on to Hogwarts and not The Hard Rock!

Speaking at the TEDx Youth conference in Bath

TED is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan "ideas worth spreading". For anyone who has never seen or heard a TEDx talk I suggest finding some on YouTube. There are some fantastic words of wisdom out there. I was honoured to be asked to do one a couple of years ago.

Narrating The Mysterious Mr Mercury for Radio 4

One of my favourite programs that I have done for BBC Radio 4. The Mysterious Mr Mercury. What a sad loss for the world of music.

Motownship: Talking to Abavuki in South Africa

Me talking to Abavuki in the townships of Cape Town.

Heartland 1990

This seems like ancient history now, but some beautiful scenes shot on the Isle of Skye.

Narrating The Art of Water Music for Radio 4

This truly was a complete adventure for me. I love the fact that Radio 4 do programs on this stuff.

Save the Children - Free Healthcare for Africa

This speaks for itself, really.

Building Bridges - The Art of the Middle 8, for Radio 4

I have narrated a lot of programs for radio, but this more than most seemed to grab people's attention... mainly songwriters, I hasten to add.

Rocking the Blitz Club, for Radio 4

The Blitz revisited.