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During the back end of 1997 and throughout 1998, 'BREATHE' was featured as the soundtrack to the Swatch Watch advert - "How Long is a Swatch Minute?".

Since the first Breathe/Swatch Irony advert (the one with numerous Swatch images) made its appearance on our TV screens via the satellite channels back in September 1997, millions of people throughout the world have been given the chance to hear the talents of Midge.

With Swatch continuing to use Breathe into 1998, they released TWO additional adverts (June/July 1998).  The first of the adverts was shorter than the original one and was obviously a tie-in with the World Cup as its main theme featured a young boy facing a penalty kick.  Apart from the final shot it doesn't contain any Swatch imagery.

The second advert promoted the Goodwill Games that were staged in the USA (19.07.98 - 02.08.98).  Apparently, it featured slow motion sports footage.  If anyone has any further information regarding this one, please let me know!

These adverts were shown globally (heavily on Satellite/Cable TV EuroSport Channel!) and were shown until Christmas 1998!

On the back of this, BREATHE (the single AND album) were re-released in a number of countries with sleeve designs similar to the ones below:-

Breathe CD Breathe CD Single

As most of you will know by now, Midge filmed two new promotional videos for 'BREATHE' in Budapest, Hungary.  Both videos were directed by Riccardo Paoletti of SWATCH.  Some of the stills from the first video are shown below:-

Breathe Video 1998 Breathe Video 1998 Breathe Video 1998

The second video was released (June 1998) and what a five minutes of romance it is too. It is a continuation from the first video and features Midge getting married!!!  

How Long Is A Swatch Minute? (copyright SWATCH)


With the adverts being so well received, SWATCH included a limited edition copy of the Breathe CD single in their 1998 Lucky 7 membership pack.  The difference between this and the standard release is that this CD is in the shape of a watch - ingenious!!!  See below:-

Shaped CD Single 1998

The track listing is as follows:

Breathe (single version) 4'06"
Breathe (live) 3'58"
Breathe (album version) 4'28"

Catalogue Number: 74321 55263 2

Sadly, the only way to obtain this CD was to join Swatch the Club and this set you back approximately £50 in the UK (ouch!).  


Breathe CD
Breathe CD

The album can also be purchased from the guys at HMV Direct.  They accept overseas orders and all major credit cards.  Telephone:  (UK) 0990 334578   (Outside UK)  +44 990 334578


The growing demand to hear BREATHE (single and album) led to much chart success. To find out how successful they became click here.


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