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After a long wait, BREATHE (the single & album) have been given the world-wide success they so richly deserved....

On the PAN-EUROPEAN CHART which is an amalgamation of all the European charts, 'BREATHE' spent a mighty 24 weeks(!!) there, peaking at No. 12.  The single slipped out of the main placings week ending 31.05.98.


Midge has paid a number of visits to Italy during the last year.  The trips in early December 1997 and 18th - 21st January 1998 were spent promoting the single and album.  However, his visit on 10 February 1998 was to collect an award at a TV Commercial awards show.  BREATHE - soundtrack for the SWATCH commercial - picked up the final and top award!!

As well as Midge making numerous Italian TV appearances including 'Domenica In', 'Help', 'Volevo Salutare' and the 'MonteCarlo Star Festival', he has also appeared in various music magazines such as Tutto and OK.

To date, the Italian accolades for BREATHE have been as follows:-

  • It was the No. 1 playlisted song on Italian radio for some considerable time.
  • Breathe (the single) entered the Italian charts at No. 1!!
  • Breathe (the single) stayed at No. 1 for THREE weeks.
  • Breathe (the single) honoured with top award at TV Commercial Awards.

Updated Italian news - 19 July 1998

BREATHE is still doing exceptionally well in Italy.  The album has now sold well in excess of 350,000 copies which is fantastic news.

BREATHE was also used for an advert on an Italian network TV show called "Mai Dire Gol".  Translated this means "Never Say Goal".  The show was a mixture of soccer/sport with various comedy sketches and was transmitted each Sunday at peak viewing time.  Although the programme has finished its current series, it is expected to be back later on in the year.  Now that's got to be good news for the continued success of BREATHE in Italy!


In Germany, after spending many weeks on the Sales Chart, reaching its highest position of No. 12, the single dropped out of the main placings (w/e 24.05.98).  Upon its release though the single sold 26,000 copies in ONE week alone!

The album dropped out of the sales chart (w/e 19.04.98).  It peaked at No. 63.

On 08.02.98 the single was voted No.1 on the SWF3 Radio call-in show in Germany, the Elch-charts.  It received a massive amount more votes then anything else, even beating Oasis' brand new single - 'All Around The World'. Now THAT proves something!

In the Bavarian Top 20, the single spent 13 weeks on the chart after initially entering at No. 17  (30.01.98). The highest position it reached was No.8 (w/c 06.03.98).  The single dropped out of the chart (w/e 03.05.98).

On the Berlin Top 40, the single spent a staggering 26 weeks on the chart before slipping out of the chart  (w/e 09.08.98).


Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the single slipped out of the Official Swiss Top 50 Chart (w/e 14.06.98) after spending a massive 23 weeks there.  The single first entered the chart at No. 19  (01.01.98) and peaked at No. 17.

The album also received recognition when it spent 7 weeks on the Top 50 album chart after initially entering at No. 38 (w/c 15.02.98).  It peaked at No. 22  (w/c 01.03.98).


In Czechoslovakia, on the Airplay Top 50, the single left the chart  (w/e 14.06.98).  It's highest position was No. 37.

The single also managed to chart on the Hitparada Radia Zlin Top 25.  It dropped out of the chart (w/e 05.07.98) (last week No. 23).  However, it did reach the No. 1 position (w/c 31.05.98).


Over in Hungary, on the Radio Juventus Airplay Chart, the single dropped out of the chart  (w/e 31.05.98).  It's highest position was No. 29 (?).


After a considerable number of weeks on the Principales Los 40 chart, the single slipped out of the Top 40 (w/e 12.04.98).  It peaked at No. 10.


Over in France, after spending 19 weeks on the Official chart, (first entered on 03.01.98), the single left the chart (w/e 24.05.98).  Its highest position was No. 24.


After considerable success in Austria, the single dropped out of the Top 40 (w/e 03.05.98).  The single spent 16 weeks on the chart after entering at No. 3  (w/e 11.01.98). BREATHE went from strength to strength and claimed the coveted No. 1 position for TWO weeks.

The album which managed to spend 15 weeks on the Top 50 album chart (peaking at No. 10) dropped out of the main placings (w/e 03.05.98).

The success of 'BREATHE' was not just limited to Europe either.....


The single received considerable airplay in Singapore as the 'Swatch' commercial was regularly shown in the cinema as well as on TV. Naturally this was the springboard for much chart success....

On the Perfect Ten (98.7) Top Twenty Chart, which is the No. 1 radio station in Singapore, the single spent six weeks on the chart before dropping out (w/e 02.08.98).  Its highest position was No. 4.

Meanwhile, on the Power '98 Singtel Top 20 Countdown, the single slipped out of the chart (w/e 28.06.98)  after spending a number of weeks there.  BREATHE claimed the prestigious No. 1 position for two weeks during May.


Encouraging news from San Francisco (USA) where the single was put on rotation on a popular local radio station (w/c 26.04.98).


'BREATHE' was recently a 'hot' single on Radio KFMB (Star 100.7) in San Diego, California.  The single was on the station's playlist for a number of weeks and even managed to briefly make the local charts  (peaking at No. 13) (w/e 02.08.98).

Breathe video still



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