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Welcome to the Archive!  


These pages owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sue Goulding and the original "Homeland" Site, without who's intial work none of it would have been possible! Kate (Trillian) has taken over the maintainance of the section - Good Luck!!!

In one guise or another, Midge has graced our music scene for more than 20 years.  Stumble, Salvation, Slik, Rich Kids, Misfits, Thin Lizzy, Visage and Ultravox have all benefitted from his natural musical prowess.

As well as successfully carving out his own solo career (which is what we find him concentrating on today),  he has also managed to find the time to undertake a considerable amount of production and video work for other bands/musicians.  You may also care to recall that he was highly instrumental in the organising of the acclaimed Band Aid and Prince's Trust projects.

Without a doubt,  you have to agree that Midge has certainly experienced a varied musical career.  This website has therefore been designed to document and acknowledge these achievements.


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