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Troy Donockley Official Website

TROY DONOCKLEY Official Website

Troy is a hugely talented and accomplished musician who plays a whole array of instruments - mainly the uilleann pipes. He joined Midge's band for the 1998-1999 tours which supported the "Breathe" CD but still contributes to Midges live shows, as recently as September 2006 he joined Midge for a trip to Korea for a Womad festival.

Troys site includes free MP3 downloads.

STEADMAN Official Website

Russell Field - drummer - who joined Midge's band in January 1998- is part of independent, unsigned and unbothered band 'STEADMAN'. Check out this site for more information on our beloved ginger drummer and download free Steadman MP3s.


X perience Official Website

X perience are a German act who have been performing and recording together for 10+years. The band have re-recorded Midges song Personal Heaven from the internet only release "Little Orphans" as a duet with Midge contributing half the vocals.

This was released on their 2006 CD "Lost In Paradise"


Born in Dublin, and now resident in Dortmund Germany, Mark is a hugely talented singer songwriter, who has supported Midge on his October 2006 and March 2007 German tours.

Check his webpage for songs, CDs and gig info

RYOICHI YUKI - Official Website

Ryoichi Yuki is the Japanese singer with whom Midge recorded and produced a 1996 CD entitled "Dear God".

Ryoichi's official web page has reference to that collabaration, and splendidly refers to Midge as Midge Euro !!!!!

Glen Matlock Official Website

Glen was a member of The Rich Kids along with Midge in 1977-78, not to mention being an original Sex Pistol !.

The site gives all the up to date news on Glens CD releases and gigs.

Anne -Marie Helder Official Website

Anne is an enormously talented musician - she sings, and plays guitar, piano and flute who has supported Midge on UK gigs over the last 12 months. A founder member, and lead vocalist of an acclaimed UK band Karnataka, when the band split up (after supporting Midge at a gig funnily enough!) she struck out on her own.

Annes' CDs are available through her site

Hypertension Music, based in Hamburg, Germany are the company who released the Re*Live CD and DVD in 2005.

Quite simply the only way forward for music are companies like this who care about the artist, and do not treat them like a "disposable product".

Visit Hypertensions website to see the list of artists who also release music through them who agree with this sentiment

Maartin Allcock Official Website

Maart, as he is known , is truly a multi instrumentalist, playing most things with strings on. He has lent his contributions to tours and recordings with Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, and many more. He played for Midge as a member of the "Breathe " band in 1998, standing in for Troy Donockley.

Given the huge influence Phil Lynotts early writing with Thin Lizzy had on Midges songwriting it only seems natural to have some a link to a Thin Lizzy fan site, which may give some background to this late Irish superstar.

Barbara Dickson Online - The Official Website

Barbara has many parallels in her career to Midge, they both had initial success in their native Scotland, but left home to search for a wider audience. She like Midge has had many strands to her career.

They have "known of "each other for many years, but first worked together when Midge sang a duet on her 2006 CD of Beatles love songs

"Nothings Gonna Change My World".

Barbara also employs the services of Mr Donockley, and Mr Field....

The Cutting Crew

Cutting Crew Official Website

Well known for the huge (sorry Nick HUGE) hit I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight, in 1986, the band reunited recently and have found a home with Hypertension Music from Hamburg



Howard and Midge have worked together many times, from the Band Aid single in 1984, through many Princes Trust Concerts, up to Howards 20th anniversary concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire in 2003.

Visit Howards page for up to date gig and CD info...

Peter is a hugley successful comedian from the north of England (the best bit!), who has given Midge more name checks - Vienna playing in the background, the odd Pure T shirt cropping up, than is proper. So we thought we'll give him a plug here...not that he needs our help any more............




A UK based charity Midge has happily associated himself with to raise awareness of child poverty both abroad and at home. He has made numerous profile raising trips abroad for the charity to both Ethiopia
and Sierra Leone

A UK based charity which works to not only to alleviate homelessness, but help homeless people stand on their own feet, and change their lives.

Read, understand and maybe help.

The Lords Taverners have been helping children in the UK, particularly those with special needs for over 50 years. Well known for its charity cricket matches, a major fund raiser for the charity is also its annual concert at The Royal Albert Hall, the 2006 one Midge was pleased to appear at.


The links between the music industry and Nordoff Robbins are long and well established - a pioneering charity , the foundation of its work is based on the premise that all people, whether young or old, and no matter how disabled or traumatised will respond to music..

Visit the website to learn more.

A UK charity that not only reunites over 4,000 lost cats with owners every year, but re-homes 60,000 more.

Visit the webpage to find how you could help by sponsoring a cat.

No explanation needed.......go and take a look, even if you don't join you may learn a little more about some world wide issues.




A small company with a huge reputation for excellence.

Based in the North of England producing hand crafted guitars for over 25 years, Midge has been using their electric guitars for over 18 years, and you can see them in videos from Cold Cold Heart onwards.....

Well if you have a good guitar, you need a strong case to keep it in, and these are the best. In June 2006 one of Midges guitars was the victim of baggage handlers at a certain UK airport, the case was driven over by a truck, and the whole body of the case shattered (not surprising really), the guitar inside was was a Hiscox case!!!!! - no further recomendation needed


Midges acoustic guitar of choice Taylor acoustic guitars have a natural sound which translates perfectly when "plugged" in through a DI box to a PA system, in short they sound exactly as warm when plugged in, as when played "unplugged"

Visit Taylors web page to see the vast range of wonderfully crafted guitars

Midge uses Line 6 effects pedals both in live shows, and when recording his electric guitar. He started with the original "kidney " shaped Pod, and has now moved up to the Pod XT pedal board

Midge has been a long time user of M-Audio midi keyboards and synth software when recording his music


Midge was a user of Vox AC30 amps in the days of Ultravox, so he is more than happy with using the most recent addition to the Vox family, the AD120VT. This amp has 21 effects and 16 different amp sounds modelled on original amp characteristics.

A hugely versatile tool for the performing guitarist

An UK based independant manufacturer of loudspeakers for over 25years , Shermann Audio make the monitors we use for Midges UK acoustic shows.

The MRL4 is a small wedge monitor with a big sound that projects a vocal with unsurpassed clarity.

These wedges are just the tip of the manufacturing iceberg at Shermann Audio who produce a wide range of speakers for different needs and sonic enviroments

Ultimate Ears make the custom moulded In Ear Monitors Midge uses for his live shows. Custom made for each client from moulds taken from the artits ear, these earpices reproduce music and words with unmatched fidelity and clarirty. The type that Midge uses are UE5 which are a two way (ie separate bass and HF speakers) earpieces.

Midge is a user of both Sennheiser microphones, and In Ear Monitors.

Microphones used are the e840 vocal mic, and he also uses a e606 for recording his acoustic guitar on home demos.

For the In Ear Monitors we use the G2 system which has proved itself to be totally reliable in difficult conditions, with exceptional fidelity and headroom.




The official German language website / mailing list for Midges solo work, first established by our good friend Mike Lubek, now overseen by other dedicated members of the German MU/Ultravox community.


Long running website from Holland giving equal covarge to both Midge and his previous bands including Ultravox. In both Dutch and English it includes up to dates news and gig info, and a more complete discography than we at would ever attempt. Loads of archive images to browse.


Official Ultravox Tribute Band Website

Monument have been playing together for over several years and gained the approval of the ex members of Ultravox and fans with long memories who saw Ultravox perform. the band accurately reproduce the sound of Ultravox live in the 1980's. Visit the bands website and check out where you can see them perform.


A new artist management / creative team Midge is involved in -

"We’re with you for the Long Play...
CCW Long Play Limited exists to help musicians manage and exploit the rights resulting from their creativity. It is run by a management team with over 50 years of legal and music industry experience. "......

Read more on the website....





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